Ep 3: Can a bra save lives? Diva interviews from SXSW

Diva host, Amanda Lewan, attends SXSW to capture exciting interviews with Women in Technology. This podcast features three short diverse discussions with women focused on: Large Scale 3D Printing, The “Internet of Everything” Connected Bra & “Detected the Movie”, and even the new .CLUB domain name extension.

More information on SXSW on twitter @SXSW or online: http://sxsw.com/

Segment 1 - Re 3D Printing with Detroit Native Samantha Snabes

Talk about your rocket scientists! Samantha Snabes was originally from the Detroit metropolitan area and attended the University of Michigan - Dearborn for her undergraduate and MBA degrees. After a successful project with a local company, she got a job at NASA working with people who wanted to make a difference in the world, using technology to do it.

In 2012, Samanta got that “making a difference” opportunity with a project called Startup Chile --- where she was able to work in a community-focused collaborative environment. She created an affordable, toilet-sized 3D printer. Now, her latest project is a large-scale but highly affordable 3D printer.

Check out the 3D Printer and stay connected to RE-3D online http://www.re3d.org/ or on twitter @re_3D

Samantha provides compelling inspiration for women in technology. She says “Follow your dreams and be confident.  Don’t ever underestimate your ability.”

She also adds that “women have a lot of amazing characteristics that lend well to running startups, such as being open minded and collaborative.”

Follow Samantha Snabes on Twitter: @samanthasnabes

Segment 2 - Detected the Movie Sponsored by Cisco - Documentary on the Connected Bra

Mary Bradburne leads social media communication and strategy for technology powerhouse, Cisco, a company that believes that connecting people, process, things, and data will make the world a better place.  Cisco is helping fund a documentary on the use of the “Internet of Everything” to improve the world. In this case, the innovation is the “IT Bra”, an internet-connected bra, capable of detecting early signs of breast cancer.

Amanda attended the screening of a portion of this documentary, and then interviewed Mary.  You can watch the movie trailer here: http://newsroom.cisco.com/feature-content;jsessionid=CAC57CC98C7FE3D13AEE504AF4074C12?type=webcontent&articleId=1611072

The bra is more effective with women who have dense breast tissue and is a much less invasive way to detect early signs of this devastating disease. The trailer gives a sneak peek on designs, challenges, and the journey ahead for this project.  They are awaiting clinical trials and anticipating how this story will unfold, aiming for a Fall time frame for the release of the movie.

While the trailer was revealed at SXSW, the documentary is being created now. Stay tuned to these social media handles.

•Learn more at http://DetectedMovie.com
•Join the conversation using #DetectedMovie
•Twitter: @DetectedMovie
•Facebook: DetectedMovie
•Instagram: DetectedMovie

Mary declares that “Really, really smart people work in tech. That’s what I love about it. Also, it’s fast paced. There is no stagnation in technology. If you like something new and different every single day, work in tech.”

Mary also tells us about other great initiatives supporting women in technology . Cicso has a STEM 2020 initiative to encourage employees to mentor girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and also has a current Internet of Things Challenge for young women ages 13 - 18. More information about that is here: http://iotchallenge-cisco.younoodle.com,  and the deadline is May 19 to enter and win big money.

The Internet of Everything will continue to shape lives and businesses in the future.

Stay up to date with Cisco Internet of Everything: @CiscoIoE

Follow Mary Bradburne: @MaryBradburne

Segment 3 - .CLUB Extension Takes Advantage of new extensions

At the SXSW Startup Showcase, Amanda runs into Michele Van Tilborg and learns about the new.club domain name extension. A “cool” way to differentiate your brand .club is the newest of the domain name extensions, and is exactly what it says --- it is for CLUBS, and there are many of them throughout the world, which is great since “club” is a universal term across many languages and countries.

Michele Van Tilborg shares the vision for the new .club domain name. As she describes things, .club is a “generic domain that actually means something.”

Michele has over 6 year experience in the domain space and is taking advantage of nonprofit ICANN opening new domain name opportunities. She finds the domain industry very open and welcoming to women.

She recommends that anyone searching for a new website URL visit ICANN.org to understand the market for domain names. It also helps to understand approved registrars offering names including the .club extension. Her company is a registry that offers a multitude of naming options.

Michele adds that women can benefit from a startup mindset. Don’t be shy or embarrassed. She says to just “get in there and do it. Don’t be afraid.”

More information on the .Club domain available at the company site: www.nic.club

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Michele also can be found on twitter: @VanGoblin

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