Ep 60: Diva Special: 2018 Tech Trends

In our last podcast of 2017, Diva Tech Talk co-founders and hosts (Kathleen Norton-Schock and Nicole Scheffler) provided an interesting discussion of:

  1. Why Diva Tech exists, and the demographics of women in tech, now and in the future

  2. What, as technology leaders and tech industry veterans, they see as key tech trends in 2018

  3. Which divas interviewed in 2017 might be most influential and expert in terms of those trends and

  4. Assorted other topics including major vertical markets to be affected by tech, giving back, and entrepreneurship.

The key tech trends that Diva Tech Talks foresees as being most important in the coming year include:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Intelligent analytics and data science in general

  • Cloud-based applications, and general cloud-propelled infrastructure

  • Adaptive risk and enhanced security

  • Event driven/event detection technology

  • Virtual reality and even full immersion

  • “Code-free” application development

And the vertical markets that the divas have either recorded experts in, or plan to, include healthcare, fintech, automotive/mobility tech,  retail tech and the whole world of technology as it applies to making nonprofits more efficient and effective.

What are the key themes that the Divas are most concerned with?


  • Strategic planning for enterprise, and technology in general

  • Technology marketing

  • Entrepreneurship, venture capital,  women-owned businesses and

  • Bridging the gender gap in tech, to address issues of enterprise viability/profitability, innovation and most especially the upcoming chasm that looms between jobs that need to be filled and the talent to fill them.

Most of all the divas are grateful for our growing, engaged audience, and for all the wonderful women we have interviewed to date, and intend to interview in the coming years.

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