Divas Check in with the Internet Advisors (WJR) on Latest Tech Activities

Diva Kathleen Norton-Schock visited the WJR radio show studio to discuss the progress that Diva Tech Talk has made over the last 15 months.  She explained the mission of Diva Tech Talk and some of the national events that DT2 was able to support and cover in 2015.

Host Foster Braun noted that Diva Tech Talk is a unique podcast founded by women, hosted by women, and focused on women’s journeys in the technology arena. Kathleen talked about the collaborative nature of the three founding Divas and how their diverse backgrounds and skills strengthen the project.

Common themes among the DT2’s interviewees include circuitous personal career/mission evolutions, using technology to be creative, balancing career and family, and the need to have mentors.  A surprise to the Divas has been that a growing percentage of our listeners are “male.” Kathleen attributed that to the fact that male leaders are recognizing that the cultivation of women for technology roles is paramount to achieving growth and innovation in their organizations.

Kathleen also gave a glimpse of the next 3 female leader podcasts including the President of Fastswitch, the CIO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, and the Senior Vice President of Jabil Circuit; and ended by giving a “shout out” to the Midwest Technology Leaders Conference where DT2 will be podcasting on April 21st 2016, and to the Michigan Council of Women In Technology’s Executive Connection Summit coming up on May 12th, 2016.

Listen to the full episode here:  http://internetadvisor.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/1615-KNS-Diva-Tech-Talk.mp3

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