M2 TechCast: Diva Tech Talk Interview – The Impact Of The Internet Of Things On Consumers, Business

Kathleen Norton-Schock, one of three members of Diva Tech Talk, interviews Tracy-Ann Palmer about what’s called the Internet of Things, on this segment of M2 TechCast. Palmer calls the IoT the most disruptive technology in the world today.

By the year 2025, experts predict the IoT will be contributing $3.9 Trillion to $11 Trillion to the world economy. By 2020, upwards of 100 billion devices will be connected to the IoT, what some refer to as the world mind.

While consumers will enjoy many of the IoT’s benefits – medical devices that perform individual diagnostics and report health statistics to doctors – the bigger beneficiary will be business, Palmer said. Manufacturing – what Michigan has done well for a century – will become even more efficient because of all the connected devices everywhere on the factory floor communicating. Productivity will soar, she predicted.

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