Mike Brennan and Matt Roush share their media work on This video interview with Comcast Newsmakers Extended

Mike Brennan and Matt Roush provided an update on their many technology-focused media projects on this video interview with Comcast Newsmakers Extended. Mike shared how he has expanded from being the Editor and Publisher of MITechnews.com to a new partnership with Matt Roush, News Director at Lawrence Technological University. Brennan and Roush are the co-hosts of M2 (Squared) TechCast (Podcast) that airs live every Monday at 3 pm on the Podcast Detroit Network (www.podcastdetroit.com).

Brennan talked about MITechNews.Com and all the changes that have been made to expand the content and the way it is delivered. The mediums include the website (www.mitechnews.com), two eNewsletters each week, audio podcasts, the Internet radio show, live on the Internet Advisor on WJR 760 AM and soon video news. Brennan highlighted the Diva Tech Talk team as part of his valued content providers.

Roush discussed M2 TechCast, and his new role at Lawrence Tech University (LTU) where he tells stories that promote the university that trains thousands of tech professionals to move into careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

To view this interview, click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPgP7agS0yQ

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